Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Week.......

Well, this is the first week of being out of work.  Let me rephrase that.....being with out an 8:30am-5pm employment.  To say that it has been a difficult but learning 5 days would be an understatement.  Monday when everyone was getting ready for school and work, I stood over the laundry basket and just lost it because I felt so disjointed.
I didn't have anywhere to go.
I didn't have anyone at home to talk to.
First time in 21 years that I didn't have a "job"
What in the world was I going to do all day.
It was the longest day of my life!!!!!  I went to the Unemployment Office.  That was a treat alone.  I went expecting long lines, depressed people, grumpy people and no where to park.  Let's just say that the Lord went a head of me. 
I had a front parking place.
I walked in to hear a couple of people laughing.
There was NO line.
I walked up and the nicest man helped.
I was told since I knew how to use a computer I could file my claim from home. 
I walked out and realized that He was right there with me.
I have the blessing of attending BSF Monday night. It had been all in all a good day.  I went in, went to our room where we meet for discussion group.  My sweet leader walked in and I just lost it.  I felt so empty for some reason and all of those emotions just came flooding out.  We discussed the lesson and then when it was over, we talked and I explained what had happened.  She was so comforting and so sweet.  Of course I went into "Lecture" and went with an expecting attitude.  I was expecting Him to use JoAnn and speak to me.  Well, let's just say, once again He was right there.  Experiencing Him was amazing. There was an empty seat between myself and the lady next to me.  He was in it.  I have never written so many notes.  If I can make heads or tails of them, I will share them. 
Tuesday was a GREAT DAY!!!!  I WENT BACK TO THE GYM!!!!!  I fought it all morning.  I made excuses in my head.  I even tried to make a new Biggest Loser Video work but the remote doesn't operate the DVD.  I finally gave in and went to the gym.  OH MY GOODNESS- the stress, the sweat- it was perfect!!!!!!!  Rowing Machine, Jacobs Ladder and then 2 mile run on the treadmill.  I was back in my "ZONE".  PERFECT!!!!!  One glitch to Tuesday- Refrigerator has died.  The freezer has everything still frozen but the refrigerator part is nice and warm.  Talk about a smell......shew!!!!!!  Well, we went and were able to buy one and got a great discount because of Bo's work.  Once again, God will supply all of our needs!!!!!!!
Wednesday so far is fabulous.  I was back at the gym this morning.  4 miles on the Elliptical/Stair Climber machine (I'm not sure exactly what the right name for it).  I LOVED IT!!!!!!  Then my sweet son, Kyle, took me to lunch for Mother's Day.  He's going to be in Ga. this weekend.  We had Mexican food and it was SOOOOOOO good!!!!!!!!  Off to get a haircut and do some cleaning getting ready for tomorrow's childbirth class here at the house.!!!!! 
Yes, I lost my job.
Yes, I have my moments.
Yes, I miss my friends at work.
We, as a family, are depending more on Him.
We are seeing Him work.
We are watching and listening to where He wants us.
It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time but God is Good All The Time!!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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