Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today is also Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.  Are you wearing purple today?  Most don't even know that the day exsist but it is very real and very difficult for those who have been diagnosed with this disease.  I know that I have had the flu when everything in your body hurts and you stay in the bed for a day or so and take over-the-counter medicine and then you are all better.  I've also had injuries when your hip hurts so bad you can't walk or your knees.  All of that being said, I can't imagine hurting, literally, everyday, all day.  I can't imagine the impact that has on your family. The treatments are so vast from doing nothing to taking 20 pills in one day to just get through the day.  Every nerve ending is in overdrive.  It makes me hurt to think about it just writing this.
I know 2 people that have this disease.  I may even know more and don't know it.  Both are women that are strong and powerful.
They are bold and not willing to give up.
They are not willing to let Fibro win. 
That is NOT an option. 
I have watched as family and friends don't understand.
I have watched as myself forget that they are struggling.
I have watched as they try to cover how they feel. 
My heart breaks for them and for those closest to them.  They are educated and empowered about their disease and they are always working, spreading the word and making people aware.  I'm amazed at their strength and their courageIt is powerful!!!!!  I never use the words "I know how you feel" because that would be a total lie. 
I don't know.
I don't understand. 
All I know to do is to pray. 
Pray for strength, wisdom, healing, encouragement, power and peace.  That is all I know to do and to listen when they need an ear. 
For Tami and Lynn, please know that you are being prayed for and if there is anything I can do, just ask!!!!!!  If you know someone with Fibro., encourage them, love them and hug them gently!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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