Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yeap....Still here

I am still here.  It has been a very strange few weeks.  I believe that I have experienced every emotion imaginable........ 
At a Loss
Why Me?
Why Now?
and the list could go on and on and on.  It is a time of learning and research and getting things done that I never had the time to do when I was working all the time. 
Such as
Cleaning out the storage area on the balcony-that was totally embarrassing of the "Trash" that I found.
Starting the cleaning of the storage unit that we have been paying for with things in that we DO NOT NEED.
Cleaning out closets
Packing things away
Selling things
Planning for dinners
That is the part that I have enjoyed.
The other part is....
Teaching Kaleb.
We have a letter of the week and we do all kinds of things with the letter.
Spending time with him that I feel like I have missed.
Spending time with Kyle (when he is actually at home...hahahaha)
Having a clean home and clean clothes and clean rooms when the Hubby gets home.  (Although he will tell you that he doesn't really care about those things.  It's important to me.)
Having lunch with friends that usually had to work around a strange work schedule.
It's all working together.  It's hard some days but most are pretty good.  Of course going to the gym or the park for some exercise is a GREAT way to keep your head clear. 
I'm trusting in the ONE who has it all under CONTROL because heaven knows, I sure would mess it up!!!!!
I have lots in my head to share......Nap time is a good time to write.....let's see how that works out!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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