Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2 words for 2012

Well, you may have thought I lost my mind when I wrote my 2 words. People don't like words like desperate or dependence and much less put them together like desperate dependence. So let me try to explain a little bit. This may or may not make a lot of sense to you and its kind of hard to wrap your head around. So let's get started.

First is desperate. What a word!!!!! Have you ever been desperate for something? I mean feeling like you would die if you didn't get it or experience it. For example....of course I have to use running for help on this explanation....running a half marathon and thinking you will die and you are desperate for the next cup of water, the next port-a-potty, or just encouragement from a family member/friend or even a stranger. You just need it. You will fall apart without it. Therefore the question came that ask me if I was desperate for Him? What a question. What and why are you asking me this ? Pam, are you desperate for Me? I cried and I cried. I am desperate. So very desperate and so glad that He is what I am desperate for! So the question for you.....what are you desperate for? Is it something tangible? Something that seems unattainble? Being desperate for the Lord will fill those things that you think you are desperate for.

Second is dependence. We as Americans like to be independent. Independence is something we teach our children. We get so excited when our children are independent enough to entertain themselves, go to the bathroom by themselves, get ready to go to the store by themselves. We don't like to be dependent on anyone for anything. I learned a very hard lesson about being independent when I was separated/divorced. Oil changed-I did it. Patch a hole in the wall- I did it. Repairs had become my new show of independence. I was feeling pretty good. Getting remarried was a bit more difficult. I now had someone that wanted to do these things for me. Some of that independent would get in the way of allowing Bo to do what he wanted to do. So here is the question....are you dependent on the Lord? I mean are you only dependent on the Lord when things are good? Are you dependent on Him only when things are not going so well? Dependence on HIM is what I need to do. Yes, I can be independent in certain areas but being careful to realize He is my source.

So now let's put them together. Desperate Dependence. 2 very separate words but together are so very powerful. My deepest desire is to be desperately dependent on Him for EVERYTHING!!!!! He has so much for me to learn. I'm excited. I hope you are. I hope this made sense to you. I know full well I am not perfect. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Thanks for stopping by and hope I left you with someone to ponder today.