Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Load is Lifted!!!!

Well, if you follow me on FB you know that I had registered for classes at GTCC. Pam had decided to do this. Pam took it upon herself to register and add more to her plate. Pam was going to prove to others that she can handle anything.
I am sure if you read that you know exactly where this is going. My sweet Hubby and wonderful parents allowed me to sort through what was going on. I finally reached my point. I disenrolled and returned my books today. I feel like a new woman. I had been praying so hard to figure out how in the world to find balance. He was letting me see that this was not HIS plan. This had become PAMs plan. Let me just say that my plan is typically wrong. He is such an awesome Heavenly Father.
All of this being said, I am learning to be content in what and where I am. I have a beautiful, healthy family and a great job. I have finally figured out a schedule. A sleeping plan and even an exercise schedule. A goal in sight of another half marathon in October. I feel like a new woman. A weight has been lifted.
My desperate dependence on my Lord taught me, I need more desperate dependence. How about you? Are you going after your plans or His?????

Something to ponder......

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