Sunday, January 1, 2012

Word for 2012!!!!!!

Well HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  Can you believe it is actually 2012?  I guess the other question would be are we saying it is "Two Thousand Twelve" or are we saying it's "Twenty Twelve"?  Not that it really matters one way or the other. 
So, it's time to talk about your Word for 2012.  Have you picked out one?  Were you lead to one and are wondering "What in the world?"  Amazing how that happens.  The Lord always seems to work it out just amazingly that those "words for ______" always just seem to be exactly what we need, maybe not what we want. 
Last year for 2011, my word was choice/choose.  I thought it was pretty straight forward until April 29th and my world was rocked by being laid-off from work.  I had a choice in how to react and what was I going to do.  Return to school was the plan.  Everything ready to go and THEN.....rocked again.....Offered a job with Cone Health that I couldn't turn down because of being on unemployment and it was an offer I never thought I would be offered.  School went on the back burner again and returning to the working world on THIRD SHIFT!!!  I was making choices left and right and just spinning.  Then my Mom calls and I find out she has been diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time.  Her surgery is scheduled on my birthday and my first day of work.  I was once again making more choices.  Choices in attitude, emotions, reactions, and actions.  Choices again now with what to do with "Mothering The Mothering".  I made a very difficult decision to lay down my Childbirth Education/Doula Business.  I have one client for this spring/summer coming.  I have been just at a loss without all of my pregnant mom's and new dad's.  I'm learning to make my choice and some days it is VERY hard!!!!!!  I'm amazed at how the "word" keeps coming at me. 
This year is a little different.  I actually have 2 words.  They go together well and I am almost afraid to even write them down.  My word(s) for this 2012 year is (are) "Desperate Dependence".  I am very excited and a little nervous to but this is going to be a great year!!!!!!  What is your word?  Please share????
Something to ponder!!!!


Lynn-Marie said...

Please explain your 2 words........

Suzy said...

Wow, Pam - you had quite the year! I didn't realize that you had all of that going on. You are absolutely right about making a choice as to how we will react to/in different situations. Thanks for the much needed reminder! I like your words for 2012, by the way.