Monday, January 30, 2012

Desperate Dependence.....He Did It!!!!!!!

Ok, just hang on to this one. My words this year are Desperate Dependence on the Lord. So, before Christmas our microwave died. I mean ugly noises and still frozen food coming out of it. Took it out and got rid of it. Every weekend we would say, let's go get one. Well, every weekend a million things would come up. So I have learned to reheat on the stove. Yes, our parents and Grandparents did it before they invented microwaves.

Well, last week, I was ready to roast veggies. I was so excited!!!!! I could taste they already. I opened the oven and the heating element in the bottom was sparking and screaming red. Scared me to death!!!!! Turned it off and it was still going and getting worse. Hubby had to pull out the oven and unplug it before it would stop. I was terrified!!!!! Thank the Lord I was home!! Well, now we dont have a way to what?????

We are wanting to get our condo ready for the market. We didn't want to go and buy my dream stove and microwave and then move. I was just praying and praying, Lord, what do you want us to do? How to we handle this? What do you wants to do?

I posted on my Facebook page about the stove. I get a message almost as quick as I posted. A great friend named Vera told me to call. So I did. She has a stove sitting in her garage and is tired of moving it around. Praise the Lord!!!! What do you want for it? NOTHING!!!!! I almost dropped the phone. Just get it out of my garage! Ok, we will be there Sunday. So very excited!!!!!! We get there. Get it loaded and I make the comment about getting a microwave.....well, He does it again..... She has a microwave sitting in the corner!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!! I am completely overwhelmed!!!!! Refusing to take any money we were talking about a precious new grand baby they are in return for this fabulous gift, I will be there as Britt's Doula!!!!!!(if she wants me there) What a treat!!!! What a blessing!!!! Desperate dependence is hard to learn but when He shows up like this. I wonder why I make it so difficult!!!!!!


Brittney said...

God is so good! He really does provide!!!! I love you Pam!!!! You are so amazing and I could never say thank you enough!!'

Pam said...

I guess Brittney said excited!!!!!

Pam said...
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Lynn said...

Total dependence on our are so right Pam why DO we make it so hard on ourselves?? The only one suffering is us!!!!