Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parker Has Arrived

Today I attended a most wonderful birth. This is a young lady whom I have watched grow up right before my eyes. Her Mom and her Grandma worked with my Mom in the church's preschool for years. Her Grandma, Martha would be so proud of her today. Today was the day that this young lady became a Mother.
Induced with Pitocin, she had made her mind up and prepared herself.... NO MEDICATION and NO EPIDURAL!!!!!! I literally watched her go from one stage to the next with strength, courage, empowerment and determination. Little Princess Parker was born this evening in a most beautiful delivery. Mom and baby are doing wonderful. Dad was AWESOME. He was there for every contraction and did whatever needed to be done. This evening at 5:21pm (EST), a couple became a family. I'll share more and maybe even pictures if they approve.
This is why I am a Doula!!!!!!! Love you Ben and Brittany and Parker.....of course you to, Joe and Vera.

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam

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Vera said...

Words will never express what you mean to me. How wonderful it is that you are doing something that God has put upon your hart.You were so good to Brittney and Ben yesterday and I can't thank you enough. For anyone reading this that is unsure about using a Doula trust me when I say Brittney and Ben would not do it any other way. They have both told me how wonderful you were to them. My mother Martha would have been so pleased that you were there for her granddaughter. Once again thank you for being with our family yesterday and helping bring our granddaughter into the world. We truly are a blessed family. Glory be to our God in Heaven. Without him none of this would be posiable. P.S. I had a good cry as I read your post.