Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday Already....
Can you believe it? Things have been so very busy and so hectic but at the same time, all in all a pretty good week this week. I have been able to do several workouts and it feels so good. There is enough stress in every one's life sometimes and I have discovered that exercise/running is my release. There is something about those endorphins that get going and things just seem to fade away. Things seem to be easier to handle. Attitude is changed. Stress is down. Physically feel better. Mentally and emotionally feel better. Not to mention just clear headed.
Sometimes it's only a 30 minute spot that appears in the middle of a crazy day and it's just enough to put on the headset with the Ipod and hit the road. It's just time to be quiet. Time to get out the emotions of that day.
Question keeps coming back to me though, even as I type(write) this entry. "What if I had 'work-out time' each day with Him? I don't mean driving to work. I don't mean at a meal with a 10 second grace. I mean a real, work-out time, with Him. that we have that thought. Let's take it and run with it.

Warm Up- Get the heart rate up a bit. Get ready. Get things moving.
Warm Up with Him- Find the same place everyday. Kitchen table, floor next to the bed, sitting at a desk, favorite chair, favorite bench in the yard. Bible in hand, a pen and a piece of paper. Close your eyes and just envision Him. Him sitting next to you, across from you, sitting knee to knee with you or you sitting at His feet. If that doesn't get the heart rate up a little, we may need to have you check with your doctor.
Work Out- Lasting however long possible. Heart rate up. A little strength training, a great deal of sweating going on. Focus on the ultimate goal. Muscles working, heart is working and this really feels great!!!!!
Work Out With Him- Focus on Him. Focus on His goal for you. What does He have planned for you? What does He want to share with you? How does He want to challenge you today? Where does He see you at today? Are you hiding behind unconfessed sin? Angry over a diagnosis that you have received? Despair over a wandering child? Frustrated with infertility? Saddened by the thoughts of losing a child that you have carried and may lose with in moments after you meet them? Yes, heart is racing and this is the time. Lay it out. Tell Him how you are feeling. He is a big God and He can handle it. He already knows. He is right there holding your hand and loving you and wiping your tears and sharing His light and His perfect love with you. WRITE IT DOWN!!!!!!!
Cool Down- Basking in the awe of what you have accomplished. Feeling good, bringing the heart rate down, drinking water, loving the feeling of the muscles that have been worked.
Cool Down with Him- BASKING in His glory. Be still and be quiet in His presence as His love just simply washes over you. The calm that comes from Him. The love. The excitement. He is so good. He is so perfect. He loves you sooooo Very much!!!!!!!

That would be the ultimate work out!!!!!! Amen? Amen!!!!!!!

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam

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