Friday, September 25, 2009

We have a daughter.............

We have a daughter.
We got her when she was 8.
Today is her birthday.
It's the big one today. The big 1-8
It's cloudy and overcast outside.
That's the way it feels on my insides.
It's 2009
Today, I had envisioned years ago,
A bunch of giggling girls at my house
College days that had just begun
Going to get pedicures and manicures
Watching a little girl turn to a young woman.
Alot of those dreams and visions started changing about 6 years ago.
Something wasn't right
We all could see it but no one knew what to do
The anger. The agression. The rage. The hurt.
We thought we knew everything.
We DID NOT and were NOT TOLD everything.
God knew.
Today was suppose to be a happy day.
A day full of excitement and looking forward.
Instead, today was spent in a court room.
A Father and a StepFather stood, with a case worker, a public defender
A judge, police and a young woman that is paving a road for herself standing before that judge.
Today she was sent to get help by court order.
Today she starts her adult life.
Today she starts with that life of being court ordered.
We are shut out by her.
Our hands are tied and we have to wait and watch
Pray that she will realize
Pray that the Lord just gets a hold of her and sends her in the other direction.
Does she realize we still love her? I so pray that she does.
No matter what happens....
She will always be our daughter.
We will pray and we won't stop.
We will help if she will let us.
If you ever get to read this T----
We love you.
Yes, We have a daughter!!!!!
Happy Birthday Sweetie.

Mom,Dad,Bo and Lynn


Anonymous said...

trawfogiMy heart aches for you, Jim, Bo & Lynn and also for your parents and Mike & I. Maybe some day we'll learn why all that should have been couldn't be.

Anonymous said...

forgive the intro to my comment, blogspot challenged

I am Lee-Ann... said...

I'm sorry to hear of your heart ache. Continue to have hope that she will be okay. That she will get the help and be able to use it to create a happy & satisfying life for herself. Happy Birthday to your girl. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

The Lord sees, the lord knows, and the Lord's will be done. We all have to take responsibility someday, and we all made bad choices. No one is beyond the healing heart of the Lord. I pray for safety for T, and healing for the rest of us. God is here. I feel Him. I see Him. One day T will say the same thing, I pray. I love you guys.


Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

I'm sorry, that must be difficult.

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting into words that which i was unable to do.