Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What in the World???

It is Wednesday and I have not blogged. What in the world????? No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth. We are still here and still living life to the fullest.
We managed to get away to the beach for a few days and try to relax a little. That was so much fun but it never seems to be long enough. It always seems like just as you get settled and you have put everything where you want it, you have to put it all back in the suitcase, pack it up and go back to reality. That is not always a place I want to be. I had rather be at the beach....can you tell???? I have a bunch of pictures and can't wait for Not Me Monday next week. We even have the pictures to prove the Not Me side of it. It was such a stitch. I got so tickled trying to explain it yesterday. Just wait and see.
For all of you Birth Story Junkies out there, I have received e-mails from 3 of my Mom's that I can share their stories. I am soooo excited. They are excited to have it posted as well which is really exciting. I will double check about pictures but the stories are precious and wonderful. Be on the look out for those.
My September Mom is doing great. She actually has an appt today so I am just waiting to hear what the doctor has to say. She was already 3 cm the other day when I was leaving for the beach. I told her to please DON"T HAVE HER WHILE I AM GONE!!!!! Well, the Little One agreed and stayed put. Don't think we will make it to her due date. I think Mom is tired of being pregnant!!!!! I know many of you feel that way. October Mom is doing great. They don't know what their Little Love Bug is. Dad is going to announce it at the birth. Is that cool or what??? We went on a tour of their hospital the other night....SWEET!!!! It's all new, quiet, and just top notch to say the least. Very impressive. We joked about parking in the parking deck and letter her walk to Maternity Admissions. Of course, we soooo will not do that. November Mom is counting the weeks. Feeling great and looking great. They are getting ready to start packing bags and really getting things ready to go. Baby shower this weekend so that will be a blast for them. December Mom is good. We have not really started meeting yet but I do see her when she comes into the office. She is very sweet. We connected the day she came in for her interview. It was clear then!!!!! March Mom is super. She works everyday and even when she doesn't feel like it. She is a trooper!!!! I'm so excited for she and her hubby. This is their first baby. Actually, all of these Mom's and Dad's, this is their first baby. Such an awesome time in their life and at the same time I consider this so much of a privilege. They have invited me to come and share in their most intimate setting. The most personal time in their life. I truly consider it an honor and a privilege. I am still scheduling other deliveries.
I am excited that the YWCA will be starting up their Teen Childbirth Classes again. I have volunteered my services to them in whatever way they need. They are such a treat and trying to remember, they are teens but they are Teen Mom's. They are just precious.
It's time to return to work and get busy with all of the many things awaiting me on my desk. Have a wonderful day and I will try and get some pictures up this evening.

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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