Monday, November 8, 2010

IT"S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My!!!!! It's Monday AGAIN!!!!!!! The positive to my Monday is always BSF!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

So, with the time change and everything going on at church and then coming home and we all went to sleep for a while and then the Hubby and I did our first full P90X video and then ate dinner, I didn't get to post my "Thankful" yesterday.
The message yesterday morning was about Rahab. Probably one of my favorite people in scripture. The point is that when you get to heaven, how many people will you take with you? It was truly a sobering thought.
When we stop and think about friends and family.
Friends that you have known.
Family that you love dearly.
Will they be there?
Have you done what you need to show them Christ?
Are you different because of Christ?
Do they see that you are different?
Sobering huh???????
My "Thankful" would have to be growing up in a Christian home with 2 Godly parents. Having 4 Godly Grandparents. Having a Christian husband. Have a brother and 2 children that are saved. Having the joys of teaching the Little Man that God loves him. That is what I am Thankful for.
What about you? What are you thankful for?

So that would have been yesterday's "Thankful". Today's "Thankful" would have to be my hubby. He supports me. He loves me even when I make him frustrated. He loves 3 children. He loves his job. He doesn't ever get very stressed over anything. Is he perfect? No, but who of us is perfect? Are we a perfect marriage? No, but we work hard and love each other. For him, I am truly thankful!!!!!!!! Love you Honey!!!!!

Ok, now it's your turn..........what are you thankful for?

Laboring and Thankful with you,
Doula Mama Pam

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