Monday, August 17, 2009

DOUBLE POST!!! Not Me and Not My Child!!!!

This is going to be good. I have one on me and then one on my child to.
I DID NOT get ready to prepare dinner on Saturday morning and decide that I would do a "southern breakfast".
I DID NOT get out the pot to make the grits (we are in NC don't forget).
I DID NOT put the butter in the pot, along with the salt and pepper and even cut up the cheese to.
I DID NOT look in the pantry to get out the grits and NOT find them.
I DID NOT look in the refrigerator.
I DID NOT look in the freezer.
I DID NOT look in EVERY SINGLE CABINET in the kitchen.
I DID NOT have my hubby come and look behind me. I had just opened a package the other week and put them in a storage container. I knew I was NOT losing my mind.
I DID NOT on Saturday afternoon while cleaning up the kitchen, discover the above mentioned grits.
I DID NOT put them in the storage container next to the cream and sugar containers that sit next to the coffee pot.
I DID NOT get to make grits this weekend.

My child DID NOT go in the bathroom with my husband while he was working on the floor in the bathroom.
My Child DID NOT find a pair of plyers laying on the floor in the bathroom.

My Child DID NOT pick them up and decide to play them.
My Child DID NOT figure out a way to pinch his belly hard enough, just on the skin that left him crying.
My Child DID NOT walk around and sit in Mommy and Daddy's lap with his shirt raised as high as it would go and talk about his Diego bandaid with a sea turtle on it.

Nope....NOT MY CHILD!!!!!!!!

****BATHROOM UPDATE........It is almost done. The new floor is down and the toliet is almost finished. Just some finishing touches with molding and some other minor things......the FLOOR IS AWESOME!!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH TO MY AWESOME AND WONDERFUL AND LOVING HUSBAND!!!!!!! ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Have an awesome Monday!!!!!
Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam


maddie/cadesmimi said...

Great "Not Me" posts! I live in Georgia--we're almost neighbors...So your hubby is a "do it yourself man", too. I love the floor! Blessings, Kathy

Michelle said...

Haha! Hope your son's belly feels better soon! Maybe you can get your grits next weekend. =)