Monday, August 31, 2009

Not My Child Monday!!!!!!

Even though McMama is not doing a "Not Me" or "Not My Child Monday", she said that we should go ahead and do ours. Of course this would be the week for the priceless one from my youngest child. There is only one but that is enough, if you know what I mean......

We are trying to introduce the potty and talk about the potty a lot around the house. Daycare is being fabulous with the whole potty idea. They take him every hour and he stands and if nothing happens, he sits. Well, they have the little potties at school. The ones that NO ONE has at home. So at home, we purchased a "Cars" stepstool for him to use in the bathroom. He uses it when he brushes his teeth, washes his hands or is attempting to get in the bathtub on his own. He also uses it when we are "going to the potty". We do just like school. Start with standing and then we sit. Still nothing yet but he is getting the idea.
Last week, I thought I would escape for just a moment and excuse myself to the bathroom. Closed the door and try to be "alone" for just a few minutes. All of the sudden....BAM!!!!! The door flies open and there I sit. Kaleb gets his little step stool. Walks over in front of my and in the sweetest little voice says..."Here ya go mommy". Puts the step stool down and walks out the door. I was absoulutely speechless. All I could say was "Thank you sweetheart". It was just precious. A little embarrassing but precious!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a GREAT Monday!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam


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