Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's The Middle Of The Week

Wow!!!!! I'm amazed and frustrated. I'm amazed that it is already the middle of the week and yet at the same time, I am so ready for this week to be done with. We are counting the days that we will get a few days of rest at the beach. I just love the beach soooooo much. If I knew I could work there and hubby could get a job there, I think we would go. Yet, I'm not sure I could work. I would want to spend all my time on the be the beach and not work. That would for sure be a problem. I have lived at the beach before and it was just awesome!!!!! I loved it. Hurricane season is not fun because you find yourself watching the weather a bit more.

My Awesome Hubby has officially finished the bathroom. It LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!! I am going to get some new mats and seat covers and all of those fun things to decorate with and then we will be posting pictures. He did an AWESOME job. It completely changed the entire look of the bathroom. We have decided to do the other bathroom to but are in no rush right now to do that.
This will be a 2 post day. I'll try to catch up more in a while!!!! Have a great morning!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama

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Lauren said...

what a beautiful picture up top!

That Girl