Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rambling Tuesdays!!

Good Day!!!!!! (not sure if you are reading in the a.m or the p.m). Anyway, I had this big post planned and put together in my head for today and then I got the call. Little Man was running a fever yesterday when Daddy picked him up at daycare and that means he can't go back to school today. Amazing how that can turn everything upside down and everything comes to a screeching halt.
-Cancel the gym
-Go to the Urgent Care to check on ears
-Wait an hour or more.
-Go to the pharmacy and get the meds
-Stop and grab something for dinner
-Figure out what to do about work the next day
-Don't care what you are eating for dinner, just get it done so you snuggle the sick little one.
-Going to hang-out with Pawpaw and Ms Olla this morning and Mommy gets out 1/2 a day to come home and spend Mommy and Kaleb time. (I just hate he is sick).
Now what was originally on the plan was......
-Meet Daddy and Kaleb at the gym.
-Run 3 miles, lift some weights
-Grab a protein drink for dinner
-Come home fix something for dinner
-Little Man a bath, have some snuggle time
-Little Man in the bed and then getting the original post up for today.
Obviously that is NOT what happened BUT I am most thankful for the little things like......
-Medical Insurance
-Urgent Care Centers
-Finances to pay for those things
-Family members to help out in a pinch
-Job that understands when little one's are sick.
God is Good!!!!!!!! Hope your day is GREAT just like HIM!!!!!
Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam
PS-the post will be up on Thursday. Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!!!! Someone is turning 3 years old!!!!!!!!

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