Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

Five Question Friday!!!!!!
1. What is the one thing your love does for you that you can't live without?
ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!! No matter how crazy an idea, He is the first one to tell me....Go For It!!!! I may fall flat on my face BUT he is right behind me and I can never say I didn't try!!!!!

2. When did you know your love was "the one"? I think I knew and he knew but it was really a difficult situation in the begining. I was just waiting for him to say it first. Yes, I'm weird but I was to afraid of putting my heart out and him say No.

3. Does your love have a special ringtone on your cell? Not at the present moment. I need to do that. He did on my old phone but not on the new one. That takes time to sit and listen to what I have on there to figure that one out.

4. What are you attracted to most in your special someone? Big Arms and Chest!!!! Feels sooooo secure and surrounded being embrassed by them.......

5. Did you know when/where he/she was going to pop the big question? Had NO CLUE!!!!! We had talked about it, looked at rings and kept saying....After the Holidays and after my race in February and we would discuss it closer to then. Holy smokes, the whole world knew except for me. He showed up in my Women's Sunday School Class and proposed in front of all of my girlfiends and Prayer Warriors that had been through everything with me and still loved me anyway. I was totally shocked!!!!!!!

Now it's your turn.....Jump on in!!!!!!

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Crayon Wrangler said...

Great answers! I love the first answer of encouragement! Isn't it the best when someone believes in us!!

Christy said...

I love that you had no idea about the proposal! Those are always the best!

Mama M. said...

Oh, big arms wrapped around you are the best!!! I agree with Ms. Wrangler, above, your answer to #1 was great!