Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thinking Tuesday

Just thinking today......about how thankful I am for my hubby.

Yes, he burned the popcorn last week and we had a great laugh about it.
He supports me in my ideas of one day having my own business.
He laughs with me at me.
He encourages me when I need it.
He is always there to push me when I need to move.
He is a great Dad to Kaleb, Kyle and Heather.
He is an awesome friend.
He is a Christian.
He loves me even when I am not the most lovable person in the world.
He tells me I am a GREAT MOM!!!! When I really need to hear it.
He lets me leave at all hours of the day or night to help another woman become a Mother.
He is my husband and I just wanted EVERYONE to know how much I love him.

How much do you love yours? How do you tell him? Share it in the comments!!!!!!!
Laboring and Sharing With You,
Doula Mama Pam


chadandnikki said...

Awesome! You know how I feel about my hubs. He's perfect for me. Nobody else could live with me.

bowlingbo300 said...

Thank you for the nice comments,.,I Love You,.,.,