Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday- A Birth Story

I was not sure when I would get around to doing this post but it finally made sense to post it now. I can't tell you where it happened. I can't tell you when it happened. I can't tell you names and for sure I can't show you pictures or anything of description that would help someone figure out the who, what, when, where and how of this particular delivery.

This was a delivery like I have never been a part of before. There were very hard decisions and choices that were made on the part of the Birth Mother. Decisions that I do and I don't understand. Decisions that were talked about and discussed at great length and detail. EVERY detail was made aware to everyone that came into contact with us. It was amazing to watch and amazing to see the reactions from people/nurses/physicians/ and others. It was almost overwhelming at times.
This was a delivery that I knew from the beginning a lot was going to be riding on MY shoulders. Please understand that I NEVER take any delivery lightly and I consider it a major undertaking to tell someone that you will be there through the labor, delivery and afterwards. This was a situation where it would be just she and I. That was it. No one else. No friends, relatives, NO ONE. I have done a delivery like this before but it was so early in my career as a doula that I was still learning and now that I know what I know and have watched all of these babies come into this world, this one was different.
As we progressed though labor, she did FANTASTIC. She went on her own. No pitocin, no induction, no nothing. She was such a trooper. We did get Stadol followed by an epidural. She finally got some much needed rest. We proceeded to push, long and hard for 3 solid hours. 3 VERY LONG hours of LONG HARD WORK. This little one had chosen to stay where they were and not come out to see us. We were going to have to go and get them. We went to the OR and there they were within a few minutes of going in.
Once again, I just have to stand in awe of birth in and of itself. It matters not whether it is a C-Section, Vaginal, Epidural, Home, or No Pain Meds. They were beautiful. This time, they were whisked away and another family to receive. This Birth-Mom had made the ultimate choice. Give this little one to a family that could not. I was in awe!!!!! I am sure that this little one will bless their family beyond belief. I pray constantly for the Birth-Mom. She is precious and will remain so. No pictures taken with a camera. No descriptions given at delivery. No words could be uttered from these lips without them being tear stained. Congrats to both parents. What a delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet at the same time, the words are in my heart and the photos will be forever etched in my head. God is good!!!!!!!!
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Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam


Let'sMakeADifference said...

WOW! What a story, thanks for sharing!

Lynn-Marie said...

OK this one made me truly are a blessed person to be doing what you do! The miracle of birth...WOW!!!

Queen Mommy said...

Such a beautiful story! I have 2 friends who have given babies up for adoption....both were victims of assault, yet chose life for their babies. It takes a very strong, special person to be able to give their child away. My prayers will be with her.

Christine:) said...

Oh wow. My heart is with the birth mom as well as the new parents. Wow. What incredible bravery to give up your child like that to another loving family. Tank you for sharing this. :)

Tara said...


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

A very touching story... What a special gift given from this birth mom to the adoptive family.

Thank you for sharing.

Blessings & Aloha!

chadandnikki said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.