Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

I have been sick this weekend with the Crud so there is not a lot to share.

I DID NOT, just this morning, allow our 3 year old to find a can of Cars Chicken Noodle Soup in the pantry.

Once he spotted it, the morning went like this.....

Me-Kaleb, I hope you have a good day.

Kaleb- Lightin' McQueen Can

Me- Kaleb, Would you like to go and play with the cars at the gym tonight?

Kaleb-I got Lightin' McQueen Can

Me- Mommy love you sweetie.

Kaleb-I got Lightin' McQueen Can

Me- Let's go for a ride in Daddy's truck

Once he is buckled in, Peaches, the dog, attempts to sniff the can.

Kaleb- NO!!! Peaches. My Lightin' McQueen Can. That's not nice

Me- I love you baby

Kaleb-I wuv you----I have Lightin' McQueen can

My husband called me 5 minutes later and in the 5 minutes to the Freeway, he had said it 18 times. Going to be a VERY long ride this morning.

Who knew a can of soup could make a 3 year old so happy!!!!!

Happy Not Me Monday!!!!!!

Laboring With You,

Doula Mama Pam

1 comment:

Christy said...

hahaha, he is too cute! I love little kids can be fasinated by the smallest detail!