Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I had seen this over on McMama's blog and have read through it a few times. It's kind of that time when she just blogs whatever is on her mind and that is what you end up with for the post. So, McMama, I chose to have "Stream" today. Many thoughts going through my head......

I worked last night for 2 hours and figured out how to get a 3 column blog. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!! How do you like it?????? I am going to keep tweaking things but just needed something new and exciting. Of course, my little one noticed, there is no baby. That will be fixed shortly I hope. I just have to read and figure that one out.

Went to the gym last night. About time, right? Well, being the over confident woman that I am, I jump on the scale in the locker room. DEVASTATED!!!! In my 10 days of mindless eating and non-gym-going I managed to gain 10 pounds. I was totally bumbed. To the point of wanting to go and tell my husband, "I can't work out. There is no way!!" The tears just stung while I walked into the gym. The workout that I had planned DID NOT happen. I was so disappointed.

Got the phone call that no one wants when you have a little one in daycare. Kaleb bit someone. I mean REALLY bit someone. I know that he is soooo strong willed and stubborn to an extent but he has always been "The Bitten", not "The Bit-e". He was fussing over a toy and chose to take things into his own hands, or should I say mouth. What do you do when he's 3. He knows what he did was wrong but within 10 minutes, he's over it and moved on and I am still trying to figure out a way to "discuss" it with him.

Work is difficult these days. We have so much going on and so much to do. We are going to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and I know once we are in it we will be a lot better off. Yet, right now things are 1/2 computer and 1/2 paper. Talk about a pain. Seems like every time I turn around someone adds something else to my plate and those are the days I want to tell them...."I'm done. I am going to be a SAHM and be happy and content". Now, will I ever do such a thing......probably not. Not unless my hubby says Yes. I'm still praying for that day!!!!

Well, I guess this stream is done for now. Sorry to bore you. It's been one of "those" few days.
The positive side is.......There is a little girl on the way.....SOON!!!! Keep stopping in and checking. I shouldn't be much longer!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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Christy said...

I LOVE the new layout! too cute! to put the picture back in the title go to layout, click the edit button on your header, and then in the pop-out thingie you can choose your image. Its super cute. Hope you have a good day!