Friday, October 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday......

Praise the Lord it is finally Friday!!!!!! It has been an awesome week but at the same time a very busy week. I am ready for the weekend but the weekend seems to be holding the same busy-ness. Sometimes it just feels like you never get through. We will be going to the fair again tonight. Hopefully this time I might get to eat......not that I NEED to but I WANT to. There is just something about fried food on a stick. Not to mention the fat and calories on that skinny little wooden stick!!!! I took some great pictures last weekend so I will get more tonight and I'll post them on a slide show, maybe on Saturday. Of course, most all of them will be of the Little Man!!!!!

Doula Side of Life- Things are good. I praying for more clients. Last weekend we had The Women's Only 5K here in Greensboro. It is sponsored by The Women's Hospital of Greensboro. All the money raised is put into a Mammography Scholarship fund for women that can not afford to have a mammogram. It is always and exciting event but this time was VERY different. I was actually there as a sponsor and shared a table with some friends to give out my information on Mothering The Mother. It was so exciting to watch the race from the side lines and actually see all of the Breast Cancer Survivors walking around. I showed up with 3 very full boxes of information, brochures, business cards and the such. I went home with one basket that had hardly anything left in it. It was just great!!!!!! I was soooooo very excited. I am hoping to go and visit my little one from 2 weeks ago. I understand they are doing fine but just exhausted. Of course, I will have pictures.

This Sunday night I will get to see some very close, near and dear friends that I have not seen in over a year. They are missionaries in the Ukraine. They are home for their son's wedding and then they will be speaking at our church on Sunday night. It will be so awesome to see them and then at the same time, so hard to watch them leave again. Times when I am in need of M.O.M (My Other Mother), I am so thankful that we have things like blogs, Facebook, and e-mail. We can stay in contact and be aware of what is going on and how we can be praying for them.. I will treasure the time Sunday night no matter how short or brief it maybe. They will get to see Kaleb for the first time in over a year and oh!!!! how he has changed!!!!! So very grown up!!!!!!

There is much work to be done and hopefully some rest in the midst of all of the busy things that we are so involved in.

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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