Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here we are again.....Thursday. It's almost the weekend!!!!!! At the same time, the weekend is as busy as the rest of the week so it does not seem to slow down at all. Things have been a little crazy this week and exciting all at the same time.
Kyle, the oldest, left last night about 8pm to ride on a bus with a bunch of other photography students to go to New York, New York. They are all going to a Photo Expo which is totally foreign to me but I love to look at the photographs. He can tell you how they did it, what part of photoshop, what lens, what lighting and the developing and it almost sounds like a different language. Let me tell you though, he has a gift. I could hold the camera and take the same picture and I promise you, it would not even come close to looking the same.
He has been published in 2 printed magazines and at least 3 web-based magazine. He is growing up way to fast for me. This trip kind of happened VERY quick. I mean, like we found out about it last week. Scrambling to get everything ready and done and making sure expenses were covered and that he had what he needed and what seminars he wanted to attend. It was just soooo exciting. At the same time, it is soooo difficult to realize that in a couple of months, he is going to be 21. Twenty-one----WOW, I am feeling old. Yet I have watched him turn into a very handsome young man that has manners and can carry on a conversation with anyone. A young man that his friends trust and will call and talk to if they have a problem. A young man that knows what he wants and is going after it. It's scary sometimes to realize you have to take your hands off and allow them to fail every once in a while to learn how it all works. I'm just soooo proud. He has blessed me beyond belief. At the same time I realize what a gift he is from my Lord. Kyle was His before He was mine and is still His. He has a plan for Kyle and I am so blessed to the Mom that He chose for Kyle. I trust that the Lord has it all planned for him and that he will follow after Him. It's an exciting time in Kyle's life and I am just so blessed to be apart of it. Kyle, love you so much and soooo very proud of you.


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