Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday has once again arrived and I am amazed at how much is going on in the Kennedy household and at the same time how many things we are involved in and activities and other just "stuff". Have you ever just wanted to say "ENOUGH" and grab your hubby and children and lock the doors, turn off the telephone, the computer, the cell-phones, blackberry and anything else that steals your attention and just be? That is the way I have felt the last 10 days. I am just tired. Last Saturday morning was sooooo very much fun. I went and met with Tara at none other than Starbucks with laptop in hand to accomplish 2 things. The first was to get the Women's Ministry Blog up and on line. The second was to get her a blog set up for her and her family and her experiences with homeschooling and finding other homeschooling moms for her to connect with. We spent I think over 2 hours, playing around with design, layouts, settings and the like. I came home thinking...."I would love to help everyone design a blog" "Hmmmm wonder if I could make a living doing that????? NOT!!!!" but at least it was a thought, funny one but a thought.

Sunday was an awesome day. The boys slept and I beaded most of the afternoon while they slept. I knew in my head what I was making. I just needed it in my hands. You see, what I was working on so hard and it had to be just right was for M.O.M (My Other Mother). Marsha and Tim were in country from Ukraine and I hadn't seen them yet. I was so excited that I thought I was going to bust a gut. I knew it would be sooooo very good to see them and yet, I knew it was going to be so very difficult to say good by, an hour and half later. I finally got the project made and found a cute box to put it in and gave it to her. Written on the front was "Don't open until Christmas or Your Birthday... You chose" See, her birthday is a few days after Christmas. Oh, I so pray that she just loves it. You can follow along on their blog that is on the side bar to your right.

All of this to say, that life gets so busy sometimes that we may need to stop and take a break and breathe. Do something fun and exciting. It's time that we did that every now and then anyway. It's OK to do that. I would so love to take a day and do nothing. Does that ever really happen in the "Mommy World"? I don't think so......LOL
God created each of us to be about His work and to stay "On Track" with Him and what He has planned for each and every one of us. He also created a day during the week for us to rest. Do you rest on the Sabbath? Do you have a day where you are totally at rest? I mean the dishwasher is NOT running, the washing machine is NOT running and neither is the dryer. There is actually REST in your home. Do you experience that on a regular basis? Maybe He is asking of me that I need remember my day of REST that He created for me. Sunday is for sure my favorite day. Can't wait for Sunday School with the 4 year olds. Worship in praise music in the sanctuary. Worship with the teaching of His Word. Oh, thank you Lord for those days. Forgive me for not resting when it is needed. The dishes can wait. The laundry can wait. The ironing can wait. Time with You and Time with Family is what is important. Love your family before you go to bed tonight and maybe even consider revisiting your busy schedules and figure out what can be given up to spend more time together. I have so been convicted. I have shared it with you for accountability, and now it's time to do something about it. Praise the Lord for conviction!!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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