Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

I am soooooo excited!!!!!!! I go to an awesome church and we have something new and exciting. Our Women's Ministry has created a blog!!!!!! How cool is that!!!!!!!!
Tara, over at (Monkeying Around), is heading up this part of the ministry and asked if I would help her with a new blog. Are you kidding???? Of course I would. Turn down the opportunity? Not a chance.
We contacted the awesome blog designer at Hot Bliggity Blog named Casey and once again, she has blown us away. We told her what we wanted and gave a description and WOW!!!!! The link-back buttons are just AWESOME. You can contact her at www.hotbliggityblog.com or click on their button on the sidebar. Of course, some of those buttons will find their way over here and we can all read, share, worship, give testimony and if you live anywhere near here, watch on "Meet You There Monday" and come and join us in a fellowship, bible study or any other event.
I guess it would help if I left the link for you.
www.cornerstonewoman.blogspot.com . Come by, leave a note and tell us how you found us!!!!!! How cool to have women from all over the US following along. Make it even better and be a "follower". We just pray that the LORD receives ALL the credit and we are just the hands that type and the ones that pray over it!!!!!!!! Thank you again Casey. You are the best. Thank you to Tara for giving me such a blessing in helping with this project. It is so much fun!!!!!!!!!

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam

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