Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cayden Has Arrived!!!!!!!

Scott, Ericka and Cayden

I met Scott and Ericka at the office. What a pleasant and sweet couple. She had discovered they were pregnant and had come to office. They had a lot of questions and I tried to answer everything that I could. Dr. Delcambre was to be there primary physician. This was going to be a great match.
Ericka had no problems with her pregnancy. She is a beautiful young woman that has the most beautiful hair and a basketball for a belly. She had the awesome support of Scott who I don’t think missed hardly any appointments. He was right there with her through everything.
Cayden had chosen to stay where he was until he was ready. It had nothing to do with the date on the calendar. It didn’t even matter that it was going to be a scheduled induction. He was going to arrive when he was ready. Everything was set for his arrival BUT Cayden had other plans. He chose his time.
Scott and Ericka had done exactly what they were supposed to do. Stay home until it was time to go to the hospital. When they arrived, she was ready to be admitted. It was perfect. Once she and Scott were settled in their room, I arrived. She looked relaxed, focused and ready. Scott was ready to do whatever she wanted and whatever she needed. It was just so awesome to watch this young couple turn into a family. Ericka chose an epidural so that she could get some sleep and rest through the night. She was comfortable and resting. Dr. Delcambre was on call which was exactly what she had hoped for. Everything was perfect. We all got some rest that evening awaiting Cayden’s arrival. The time finally came. We were so exited.
Ericka, even with her epidural, pushed like a champ. She did a great job. It was the most relaxed atmosphere. Dr. D was calm as always. He’s an awesome doctor. He doesn’t breakdown the bed for delivery. You deliver in the bed in whatever position. We all pushed with Ericka. We relaxed in between and even shared some laughs in the process. When Cayden was born, it was absolutely beautiful. He was on Ericka chest and we were all talking pictures and just amazed at what had just happened in that hospital room. That morning, Ericka and Scott and now Cayden became a family.
They are all doing beautiful and I am proud and so privileged to be apart of what happened on that beautiful day!!!!!!

Thanks for such an awesome experience!!!!!
Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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