Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

Welcome once again to NOT ME MONDAY!!!! I really do enjoy doing this. It makes me realize that life is really just a lot of fun.
I (we) DID NOT take our sweet little class of 4 (most 5) year olds out for a Nature Walk with little brown bags to collect some of the WONDERFUL things that God has made. Things like leaves, sticks, pine cones, grass etc. to only find out during Bible Story time that there was a few "extra" things that God has made that we brought in with us. It started with one tiny spider hanging from it's web. Then it was another crawling up the cabinet above the cubbies and then another when we finally realized what was happening. The boys LOVED it. The girls were a bit grossed out. To say the least, the point was made and then we moved on.

I did not get our Little Man ready for church on Sunday Morning and I must say he looked AWESOME!!!!!

He looked great until I realized what was on his feet

He doesn't have any black shoes????


They are just a little big Sweetheart!!!

No, I did not (really) let him go to church with my shoes on. He wanted to put on his shoes so he could run fast from the imaginary dinosaur that lives behind our condo.

Hope you all have a great MONDAY!!!!!!
Laboring with You,

Doula Mama Pam

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