Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thinking and Thankful Thursday

This is going to be a bit of a ramble but that's ok. I'm not worried about it.

Thinking Part
Talking the other day to Ashley (my Mass Cooking Buddy) and we had both had one of those weekends when it just did not happen because life got in the way or we had a sick child or we were sick. When that happened we were comparing notes on what happened. For both of us it was just plain hard. We have been doing it long enough to really get into the routine of having everything in the fridge ready to go when we get home and just add either bread or a Steamer side to it and it's time for dinner. When that doesn't happen, we end up having to start from scratch and cook an entire meal and we aren't out of the kitchen until 7pm and a little one has to be in the bed by 7:30pm and there was NO time for family time or play time. That is really difficult and to think that we were doing that all the time!!!!
Well, not the case any longer. We are back on track. It's only happened once I think. I guess it is all in what you get used to. I would love to see a lot of women try it.
Try it for one month. Just one month and then tell me what you think.
Just think about help you think about it, here are some of the benefits....
You know what you are having for dinner and you don't have the question "What's for dinner?"
You know that what you prepared is good for your family.
You are saving money (we can all do that)
You don't have to run by the drive-thru and get who-knows-what
You have family time at the table.
You are done and out of the kitchen before its bath and bed time.
You could actually take a walk because the sun is still out.
Are you convinced now??????

Ok, let's move on to the Thankful part of the post.....

This coming week, actually on Monday, Bo and I will celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Of course, there will be a post for that. You will not want to miss that. Anyway, I was thinking the other day. I am thankful for my husband. He puts up with a lot from me. He laughs with me and at me and of course, neither one of us is perfect so of course that always throws some curve-balls but we do just fine. I have been the single Mom. I know how hard that it. For you that are single, my hat goes off to you. It is hard and it's a lot of work and it never stops. Please ask us "Married-People" for help when you need it!!!!!!!!!! Feeling thankful for my husband today and thought I would let him know.

Have an awesome rest of the day. If you want to jump in on my challenge for Mass Cooking or you have questions, please post them and I will be happy to answer them for you. Trust me, it will change your family!!!!!!!!

Laboring and Cooking with You,
Doula Mama Pam

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