Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesdays

Well, it is Tuesday once again and here we are ready for Thankful Tuesdays. Has that song been on your mind....."Count your blessings....."?
My list can be so long. I will keep it within reason I promise!!!!

So....Here we go.....

Thankful Tuesdays

1-I am Thankful for my most supportive husband. No matter what crazy idea I get in my head about trying to start my own business, he always supports me.

2-I am Thankful for my children. I have 3 children. The youngest is 2 1/2 and he keeps me feeling young. My oldest is 20 and he reminds me that he is an adult but he still allows me to be his "Mama". My middle one is 17 /12 and she has a mind of her own and wants to make her own decisions.

3-I am Thankful that I work for Christian Physicians. I work in one of the ONLY Ob/Gyn offices in our area that DOES NOT DO ABORTIONS!!!!!

4-I am Thankful that I have awesome Godly parents. They just celebrated over 40 years of marriage. We don't hear of that very often, do we?

5- I am Thankful that we have food in our refrigerator and food in the pantry.

6-I am Thankful that we have a roof over our head and a bed to sleep in.

7-I am Thankful that we are able to attend a Bible believing, Bible teaching, Unashamed of the Gospel church.

8-I am Thankful for the Christian Radio that I get to listen to on the way to work every morning.

9-I am Thankful for the Mom's and families that have allowed me to be apart of their family during the delivery of a new addition.

10-I am Thankful for friends and family that support and love me no matter what!!!

11----Now--it ---is---your---turn....What will your Thankful Tuesday look like????

Can't wait for Friday.....Come back and see how much Kaleb has grown.

Thoughtful Thursday is first......don't miss that one!!!

Laboring with You,

Doula Mama (Pam)

PS-How do you like the new background?????

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