Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

This is a tough one to write. It is hard for some reason to really come up with these thoughts and put them in appropriate paragraph form so it may seem a little jumbled but I think you will get the point.

It has been a very hard couple of weeks for some of my friends. I have watched and prayed for them as they go through things that at some point we may or may not experience.

-One set of friends had to say good-bye to a Father and Grandpa. I know how it is to lose your Grandfather. That will be a day that I NEVER forget. I was actually in SC this past weekend and drove by where he used to live. It is just not the same and the people who live there have no idea. Oh the tears that were shed in that drive.

-Another friend got a call while on vacation that her Grandmother, who was in her 90's, had a stroke. They came home and then went back to the vacation. I am sure it was not the same. She came back to work on Monday to only be there a few hours and got the call that her Grandmother had gone on to her Heavenly Mansion. Oh Praise the Lord!!!!

-A friend of my husband lost her child to cancer this past weekend. My heart just breaks for them and the thoughts of losing a child. It really leaves me speechless. We will be attending a "Celebration" on Sunday afternoon.

-A friend at work has a very ill Mother. Her husbands Mother is also very ill. Both have cancer and both rely on her and her husband for everything they need. 2 Moms that are very sick and the 2 children taking care of them and still trying to work full time plus some. I'm praying for strength and wisdom for both of them.

I am sure there are so many more that I could write about. I am sure that there are more hurts and sorrows that we can wrap our human minds around. Yet, in the middle of the hurt and the pain that these families are experiencing, I believe with all of my heart that they all know that they will see those loved one's again. I can't raise my voice loud enough or my hands high enough to PRAISE HIM FOR THAT!!!!!! Can you imagine an eternity separated from HIM!!!!?????

I do need to share with you an e-mail that I got from our Prayer Warrior Leader at church. I just wish you could meet her. I have no doubt that she storms the gates of Heaven for the lost every day. She is conducting a Bible Study in her home. We,as her Sunday School class, have prayed for this study that she is doing. It's with neighbors living near her and those she knows. Below is the e-mail that she sent!!!!! You can just hear her excitement as you read it.

Thank you for your prayers for the Tuesday eve neighborhood Bible study. The LORD has heard and answered! Please take a moment to PRAISE and THANK our KING: HE has snatched a burning stick out of the fire! Last night on the drive home from the study, one of the ladies asked Jesus into her heart! It has been very obvious that HE has been in hot pursuit of her--oh how HE loves her (and us!)! Let us jump for joy and join in with the heavenly celebration over one soul who has repented!
Praise God! Praise His Holy Name.
Thank you for all your prayers (please don't stop praying!)....we meet 3 more times 7-8:30 Tuesday eves!

PLEASE:::::If you have a request, feel free to leave it in the comment section. Details are not necessary, God already knows the details.

Laboring with You,

Doula Mama (Pam)

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