Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"What would your children say?"


This is a really cute idea for posting!!! I just love it and with a 2 year old this could really be fun!!!!

Let's get started. Let's see if you can figure out Kaleb's favorite word.

Me: Would you like to watch Cars?
Kaleb: Nope (as he hands me the DVD case)

Me: Are you hungry?
Kaleb: Nope (as he opens the pantry door)

Me: Did you play with your friends today at school?
Kaleb : No

Daddy: Where is your race car?
Kaleb: No race car

Daddy: Ready to go to school?
Kaleb: No, ready for school as he heads for the door with car in hand.

Daddy: Want to talk to Mommy on the phone?
Kaleb: NO!!!!!!!! (this is the typical response in the morning drive but completely different in the afternoon)

Me: Kaleb, would you like an ice cream cone?
Kaleb: Ice cream cone, Ice cream cone, Ice cream cone NOW!!!!!!!

This was such fun!!!!!! Kaleb is working on saying "yes" but for now we read between the lines of the letters N and O and somehow find the word Y E S!!!!

Now it's your turn.......

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Family American Style. said...

AWWWWWW! that is soooo cute. When you say Ice cream cone, that really switches things up. Thanks for your post. That is the coolest idea. The kids are all so cute.

Jen said...

Too cute! My son is 21 months and will say yes and no... but sometimes he gets them confused. LOL!