Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Good Morning Everyone,

I am loving these Blog Hops and the themed days that we all go in and share the funny things that happen in our families, the pictures, and just sharing what is going on in our lives. In light of that I was thinking about a VERY good friend(yes, you Peggy) who has been with me through a lot and her passion for journaling. I was thinking the other day as I found a blog that had joined mine as a "follower" that she uses her blog to write down her children's activities, the funny things and just to share but at the same time, it is there for her keep and go back and revisit where she has been and where she is present.
That is where I think journaling is so important. Do I journal every single day like I used to? No but I do try and find some time during the day to just to write something, even if it's just a paragraph. Before Kaleb arrived, I could sit and write for hours. Write for days if I had the opportunity. Sometimes I would even be late for work because I was so into whatever I was writing. I have an entire box full of journals that I keep and when I go back and look at them on occasion, it is sooooo clear where the Lord has brought from and you can not help but see that we are on a journey.
Even learning about this "Blog World" I am amazed. To read and share with other families all over the US just amazes me. The heartache of some, the laughter, the passion for their work, the passion for their children and most of all the passion that so many have for the Lord. I'm just simply in awe. As I thought the other day, I started this blog when I became a Birth Doula. Even since the blog started, there has been change. Lots of change. Change in the home, change in work, change in goals, change in passion, change even as to what I want to be when I grow up. One thing is for sure, I am hanging on to the handlebars of this ride with my Lord and going where He shows me to go. I am determined to stay at His side and to follow His lead. There have been so many times, especially lately that I was ready to throw my hands up from feeling completely overwhelmed, ready to walk away from everything that I thought was what He wanted me to do and give up and settle. THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!!! It is at those times when I can shut my door to my office and shed the tears that need to come and ask for His strength because "I" can't do it anymore. "I" can't take another step, make another copy of my brochures, order more business cards, sign up for a massive show. I have to lay down what Pam is trying to do and do it FOR HIM and THROUGH HIM. Those are usually the times when I open that office door and in walks one of our docs at work and says "You need to make a connection with this young lady" Then I know without a doubt, I am where I am suppose to be and I just need to rest in HIM and let Him do the work that He needs to do and I just need to follow after HIM. The exciting part is, then I get Thoughtful Thursdays and I get to share. I have this blog for many reasons but Thursdays is probably one of my favorite because it is 30 full minutes that we can sit, have a cup of coffee and I can share my heart. Thanks for joining me today and maybe today, go and pick up a simple composition notebook and a favorite pen and write. Once you start, I promise, you will have to pull yourself away!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow for Flashback Friday.....It's going to be GREAT!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam


Anonymous said...

pam...I am honored and humbled!! your blog is just great and parts of it gave me goosebumps...loved "I'm hanging on to the handlebars of this ride"...what a visual. I was about to comment.."you should consider writing" duh...that's what you're doing. you are not missing out on future memories of any part of your walk with the Lord. Keep it up!!!!!!!
wish you were going to the conference this weekend!
love you

dani said...

hi, pam!

enjoyed this post. and thanks for stopping by my blog. we're not too far from each other - i am blogging in raleigh. looking forward to following you.