Friday, October 1, 2010

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!


It has been a VERY long week after coming in from being gone for almost 2 weeks but I would do it again tomorrow if the opportunity came up. The old saying that you need a vacation from your vacation.....yeah, that is what I need. I was actually kidding with my husband this morning because he hasn't unpacked yet from the beach. I told him he was in denial that we were not there anymore.

What do you have planned for the weekend?????
Ours is just going to be crazy. Bo has to work 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday. While he is doing that, I get to go run in a race. It's the Women's Only 5K Walk/Run. Our local hospital sponsors it and all of the funds raise go to support the Mammogram Scholarship for those women that don't have insurance and need a mammogram. Well worth it to go and even if you don't run, to just walk is GREAT!!!!!!
Breast Cancer touches so many women and families. I know it has touched ours. My Mother's Mother (My Granny) had Breast Cancer and my Mom had Breast Cancer. Both of which are Survivors and my "Other Grandmother" Mama Jean had Breast Cancer just in the last 2 years and she of course is a Survivor as well. Maybe since it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I can get some testimonies to post from Family, Friends to share and encourage.

Of course, there is a little one waiting to make his grand entrance into this world. We are really praying it will be this weekend. Mom did a fabulous job last time. 4 hours!!!!! First baby!!!! Incredible!!!!!!! Strong and Powerful Mama!!!!!! Keeping the phone close......of course, get to work with my Midwifery Doctor which is just awesome!!!!!!!!

Sunday of course is always the best day of the week. Can't wait!!!!!!!!! Get my baby fix on Sunday night keeping the nursery. They will be rotten when they leave!!!!!!!

I'll try and post some pictures from the beach. We had such a good time. LOVED IT!!!!!
Have an awesome weekend!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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