Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monday!!!!!!!!

What were you doing yesterday? Did it involve going to church? I sure hope it did. I know that I was missing being in worship. We had been out of town for 3 Sundays and then we had one week of having to work on Sunday. It had been a while and I sure had missed it. It was just wonderful. There is something about sitting in a sanctuary with fellow believers, brothers and sisters in Christ and worshiping. It is just such a blessing.
Dealing with a lot that is going on right now, it was the PERFECT message that I needed to hear. I have no doubt that the Lord had me there. Right where I was suppose to be. It was one of those messages that I felt like the Lord had just for me.
Exactly what I was suppose to hear.
Exactly what I was to be praying about.
Exactly what I am to be doing and not doing.
Exactly what He wanted to say to me and He used Rick.

I always just stand in amazement of how He works. I realize more and more everyday who He is and what more He wants to show me. I will post at lunch the notes from the sermon yesterday and a link. If you need some encouragement today, I would challenge you to check it out. I leave you with a video. I am sure it has been posted before but can't help to share it again. Worship with me......

Laboring and Worshiping With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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