Monday, October 18, 2010

Part 2----It's Monday!!!!!!!!

Ok, here is part 2. It never ceases to amaze me. I have the time and energy to write and some days, I could probably write for hours. Anyway, I made mention earlier that I would post the link to the sermon from Pastor Rick that spoke so loud and clear to me yesterday. If you click here you can listen to his message. POWERFUL!!!!
I thought I would share some notes with you that I took yesterday during the service. They spoke volumes to me. I pray that the Lord would use them to speak to you as well.

Text- Joshua 1:10-11 (we are going through the book of Joshua together as a church body)
Teacher- Rick Byrd
Theme- Moving Ahead in Faith
Take-A-Way- When God gives a special assignment, His people must move ahead in faith.
Question for me-
Will you accept God's assignment for your life? Are you willing to move ahead in faith to reach your promised land?

Well, right off the bat I knew that this message was the reason I was there. The night before, the Hubby and I had a conversation about "What I wanted to do when I grown up" (not in a negative sense but you know what I mean).

The Lord had given Joshua specific instructions. Joshua then took those instructions to the leaders in the camp and shared them. Joshua had taken the place of leadership. In that role of leadership, people were looking up to him. Rick talked about all of us being in places of leadership whether it was in our home, work, neighborhood, business owner, or even at church as a part of the staff or the Lay Ministry.
He talked about the 4 qualities of leadership.
1- He/She spends time with God.
Spending time in the Bible, Prayer, Meditating on Him and His word.
Do the people that you are in a leadership role, see you as a leader who spends time with God?
2- Take Tough Stands
Joshua had received his orders. What was he to do with them? Follow through and do what he was told.
How much are we willing to pay with sweat and work? Of course with taking a tough stand comes with criticism, fatigue, loneliness and rejection.
3. Delegates responsibility
Joshua ordered the officers. He uses the people according to their gifts.
What are you being asked to do according to your gifts? Are you using your gifts?
4. Plans Ahead
Joshua was ready to move ahead. There would be planning and the the action follow through of what he was asked to do.
a-Prepare- be ready and supplies ready
b-Pass over - Joshua told them that they will cross the Jordan. The word will is not in the future tense but in the confident resolve that it WILL happen.
c-Posses- take possession of the land.
Col 4:17- see to it to complete the work.

What encouragement this gave me. What power there is in His Word. I was once again amazed and could not help but just to praise Him for giving me exactly what I needed. Now comes that part that we all love.
What is my assignment from Him and What will I do once, He gives it to me? I think I have 3 choices. Of course, only one is the right choice.
1- Take it and act on it!!
2- Delay and wait for the entire plan to be laid out in front of me with a time line and details and all of the necessary cost that it will take.
3- Choose to do it MY way.
Obviously, we know what the answer to my part is. Now comes the waiting for the assignment. I can't help but to be excited!!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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